..This relationship (with Taylor & Hill) was able to accomplish one design/craft company across all Gulf Coast sites, BIG accomplishment. The relationship has worked well…”

Alliance Manager; Major Oil Company

“…their on-site Project Team has improved our process for expense and capital projects significantly. To be able to prioritize and track the progress of deliverables, changes and costs has allowed us to manage our business in a more efficient manner”

Team Leader; Major Chemical Company

“T&H not only provides quality personnel, but also quality back-office support in accounting, invoicing and employee issues. Their Client Representative is responsive, efficient and always professional with the highest integrity.”

Department Supervisor; Major Engineering Company

“Using your laser-scanning equipment, we were able to capture the data needed for repairs without climbing the structure. We probably saved five working days that would have been involved in pulling permits and building scaffolding. More importantly, no one had to climb the scaffolding and measure the structure……We can scan from up to 300 feet away with a range error of accuracy within 1/8 inch. Again and again, using the scanner saves time and resources making our refinery a safer place to work.”

Project Manager; Major Refinery in Texas City