In 1997, AEMS pioneered Laser Survey “Single Point” (“AEMS” T&H authored and copyrighted software) specifically for the refining and chemical industry in the Texas Gulf Coast area.

Advanced Electronic Measuring System (AEMS)

“Single Point”, measures discrete points of equipment, nozzles, heat, or cold stressed movements, and other stationary objects precisely up to 1/8” inch and as far as 150’ feet away. The data measurements are then converted to a 3D model or other deliverable formats. This technology is best applied to retrofit on small projects.

High Definition Scanning (HDS)

AEMS quickly adapted in 2005 to the technology which is referred to as HDS (High Definition Scanning). Mainly utilized for larger projects, this laser scanning technology captures millions of data points of equipment and associated piping or fixtures resulting in “point cloud” images capable of 1/8” accuracy and converted to a 3D Model deliverable.


AEMS years of experience in engineering assures that its clients will be consulted about the best applications required for their specific projects. AEMS has extensive experience and has executed over a 1000 projects and continues to grow.

  • Detailed 3D as-built documentation
  • Precise field installation of equipment
  • Verification of nozzles or existing structures
  • Turn-arounds verifying equipment settings
  • Inspection in deformation analysis
  • Fabricated pipe spool dimension verification
  • Plant relocations
  • Pipeline compressors & metering stations
  • Operability Construction Model Reviews
  • Virtual reality plant walk-through
  • Dike surveying and modeling
  • Equipment mobilization/lift plans


  • Intelligent 3D models
  • Dimensioned Piping Isometrics, Plans and Elevation
  • High Resolution Point Clouds
  • LFM

Cost Benefit

Utilizing Laser Scanning Technology improves accuracy and efficiency of collected dimensional data. When compared to conventional methods, time, safety, repetition and human error is mitigated. The end result is cost savings.